Member Match

During on-air membership drives, businesses or individuals will take the lead in offering an incentive for listeners to become members by offering to match contributions. It’s a terrific way to encourage fellow NET Radio listeners to follow your lead in paying for the programming you all enjoy. Additionally, it’s a wonderful opportunity to get your family’s name or your business’ name mentioned on NET Radio several times during your Member Match hour. As a past supporter of NET Radio during our Membership Drive we are asking you to once again support us with your Member Match.

When you pledge a Member Match during our Membership Drive in the spring or the fall you will inspire listeners to call in and become new or renewing members.

If you fill out the short Member Match form we will welcome you as a partner in building greater support for NET Radio.

If you have any questions about Member Match please call Mimi Schneider at 402-470-6209 or email her at Thank you for your continued support of NET Radio!